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Collect Debt In Canada Collect Debt In Canada Collect Debt In Canada
Collect Debt In Canada Collect Debt In Canada Collect Debt In Canada
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Welcome to Collect Debt In Canada
Like the United States the effects of time on collecting debt in Canada can be devastating. For example: In two Canadian provinces (Ontario-Alberta) there is a 2 year limitation on suing to recover debt, which includes commercial debt. This means that if the last payment on a debt or receivable is over 2 years old, and the debtor resides or operates in these provinces, you can report the debt against the debtor's credit file but you CANNOT sue them.

If you are a company or Individual in the United States or outside North America that needs to collect debt in Canada, you will find information on Canadian debt collection. The primary purpose of this site is more informational on commercial collections and consumer collections in Canada. This site is sponsored by Priority Credit Recovery (PCR).

During regular week days this information site is monitored by a collection professional with a minimum of 20 years' experience how to collect debt in Canada. If you don't find the answers you are looking for you can talk to an actual human being.

As the economy continues on the road to recovery, many US companies are looking for business opportunities outside of the US for their products and services. When deciding where to export, US firms should look for ways to reduce their risk as much as possible. Canada ranks as the #1 choice for American business. In fact exports to Canada have been increasing consistently over the last 7 years. While both countries have enjoyed a long-mutually profitable relationship, at the state level over 70% of 50 US states cite Canada as their single largest export market.

With Canada's close proximity and longstanding friendly relations, it is not unusual for US companies to overlook that Canada is a foreign country and proper export trade credit policies should be followed. When that day comes being aware of the correct procedures to collect from Canadian business and consumers will give you the best chance for success without running into a myriad of legal problems.

Please peruse this site and hopefully you will find some answers. If not or you want to collect your money take advantage of a free consultation with a Canadian collection professional with a minimum of 20 years' experience.

Should you have any questions concerning debt collection simply click on the $ below and choose your contact option 
Key points to consider
  • 8 Points to consider when Selecting a Professional Collection Agency

  • Capabilities: What can the agency do for you? Collection agencies use experience and resources to provide professional accounts receivable management services for numerous industries. Agencies can offer skip tracing services to locate consumers when they can no longer be reached at the address or telephone numbers listed on the accounts...

  • Market Knowledge: Make sure the agency has the skills and knowledge needed to successfully collect on your particular type of account. For example, collectors working in commercial collections must be familiar with corporate terminology and indemnities, while collectors working consumer debt collections need to...
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