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Canada Subrogation Claims Recovery Canada Subrogation Claims Recovery
Friday, March 1, 2024
Subrogation Claims Recovery
Selecting a Collection
Agency in Canada
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Collection Comparisons in Canada vs USA
Canada Subrogation Claims Recovery
US Insurance subrogation recovery in Canada requires an experienced Agency capable of providing complete risk mitigation and cash flow systems to enhance a client's bottom line. A US insurer can improve their Canadian subrogation recovery rate by minimizing their dependency on internal and external legal counsel. It is also highly desirable that the Agency has experience in subrogation recovery on both sides of the Canada-US border.

With the current economic times a significant increase in damage claims by uninsured drivers has emerged. These claims are traditionally difficult to collect and the trend is expected to continue until the overall economy in Canada and the US improves. There is a direct correlation between non-insured drivers and their ability to repay a subrogated claim.

In Canada there can be substantial savings for Insurers who utilize a highly professional collection agency. An agency that is licensed, insured, bonded and knows the legal terrain. An agency with seasoned professionals with a sophisticated skill set. Time is money. A negotiated or settled claim is usually far more cost effective than a long drawn out legal case.

Each Insurance subrogation portfolio is different, depending upon the needs of the Insurer. The intricate nature of insurance subrogation claims requires diverse expertise and resources that must be constantly tweaked to maximize recoveries. Expertise in subrogation claim recovery with Canadian and US debtors is one of the most critical considerations when selecting an agency to recover your subrogated claims.

In the case of larger portfolios usually a pilot project is the best place to start. If you have any questions or need more information, don't be afraid to ask. Simply click on the $ and choose your contact option 
Did you know?
  • In British Columbia a collection agency is only permitted to contact a BC. Resident at his workplace:
    a) For the sole purpose of requesting the debtor's home address or home telephone number or both, if the collector does not already have this information
    b) On one occasion if the collector has been unsuccessful contacting the debtor at his residence or
    c) The debtor has consented to the collector communicating with him at his workplace

  • In Manitoba neither a collection agency nor a collector is permitted to state an intention to take any action for which it lacks lawful authority.

  • In the Yukon a collection agency must obtain a collection agency license in the Yukon under a specific name. It is illegal for a collection agency or a collector to communicate with a debtor in the Yukon using another name. This means it is illegal for a collector to inform a debtor or anyone else that he is calling from a law firm, the creditor, or some government agency.

Did you know?
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