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Commercial Debt Collection In Canada Commercial Debt Collection In Canada
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Commercial Debt Collection
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Commercial Debt Collection in Canada
The biggest mistake made by American Companies with commercial debt collection recovery in Canada, is having a US collection agency collect in Canada, when in reality; very few can do it legally. Many US collection agencies will claim they can collect commercial debts in Canada without being licensed. In Canada, you HAVE TO be licensed to collect consumer AND commercial debt in Canada unless you are a first party lender or have purchased the debt.

These agencies are playing roulette with your Canadian commercial receivables. As long as they contact Canadian debtors that have no idea what their rights are, they press on. However, sooner or later, an educated debtor changes their luck. All of a sudden a large government agency enters the picture, creating a possible liability to them and even worse, dragging you into the fray. To make matters worse the debtor now has a valid defense should the account ever have to be sued.

Make sure the agency complies with all provincial licensing and bonding laws in Canada. Experience is often a good indication of quality. Also, determine if the agency holds membership in national trade associations such as ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) or the The International Association of Commercial Collection Agencies. Members of ACA & IACC agree to comply with all federal and provincial/state laws and regulations, as well as the ethical standards and guidelines established by each association.

Of course there are a lot of other factors in collecting commercial debt in Canada. Questions or want to find out how to get your money? Simply click on the $ and choose your contact option. Your enquiry will be handled by a collection professional, with 20 years of experience, who can explain the nuances of collecting commercial debt in Canada versus the United States 
Did you know?
  • In Manitoba neither a collection agency nor a collector is permitted to state an intention to take any action for which it lacks lawful authority.

  • In Ontario It is illegal for a collection agency to communicate with a debtor using any name other than the name under which the collection agency is registered. This means it is illegal for a collection agency employee to hold himself out as calling from the creditor, a law firm, or some government agency.

  • In Canada, criminal law is a matter of federal law under the federal Criminal Code, whereas in the United States, criminal laws are largely a matter of state law, except for matters falling under federal jurisdiction.

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